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DigiPro Media Launches Nationwide Payments

This article was posted on Apr 04, 2018

DigiPro Media Launches Corporate Website and Agent Portal for Nationwide Payments that Revolutionizes Agent Management and Client Communications

Pensacola FL, April 4, 2018 – DigiPro Media is pleased to announce the launch of Nationwide Payments website, Nationwide Payments, a merchant service provider and authorized third-party payment processor, is now able to offer clients an easy to use website while giving agents a comprehensive portal for important internal news, documents and sales materials.

DigiPro Media created the website and agent portal using DigiPaaS, the company’s proprietary platform. Nationwide Payments now has the ability to easily create individual agent web pages through a simple online form. Previously this task would take days to create and implement. Agents can now refer current and potential clients to their personal Nationwide Payments webpage where more personalized information can be accessed.

DigiPro Media was able to streamline the distribution process of critical documents used by Nationwide Payment agents. Over 4,000 documents and articles were imported, organized and made available through a central online media library. Executive management at Nationwide Payments can now manage this resource, alert agents and review metrics such as which agents are accessing and adopting their initiatives.

“We are so glad that Nationwide Payments trusted our team and technology to deliver their needs for a successful website,” said Steve Barshov, CEO of DigiPro Media. “This complex site allowed us to show the power of our DigiPaaS platform as well as our focus on the customer experience.”

About DigiPro Media

DigiPro Media is a web development innovation company helping businesses create value in their online presence. Through its proprietary platform DigiPaaS, more than 1,000 websites built, expertise in SEO and ad spend marketing, and pioneering web accessibility focus, the company enables people, businesses and local communities to manage a website in more affordable and effective ways. Founded in 2006, DigiPro Media, LLC, is located in Pensacola, FL, and currently has over 50 employees worldwide. Find more information about DigiPro Media at

About Nationwide Payments

Nationwide Payments, founded in 2002, is a merchant service provider and authorized third party processor currently handling nearly $4 billion dollars in electronic payment transactions annually for merchants across the United States. The company currently have 300 offices and 700+ agents. For more information about Nationwide Payments, visit

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